Philips Essential Collection Hand Blender

Have you ever thought of having a smoothie or make a puree?

Going through the conventional method of making any of these will take you minutes to hours to finally finish and there’ll be times that the result isn’t something you really wanted.

Eliminating the long process of pureeing or the chunky result of a smoothie made from a regular blender, a hand blender is perhaps the next best thing you should have.

You can simply put all your ingredients in a pot and then place your hand blender into it and soon enough your puree will instantly be there.

Technical Specifications

The Essential Collection Hand Blender is another product from Philips that will be of great addition to your culinary machineries.

This hand blender uses 700 watts at 220 to 240 volt range.

This blender comes in with accessories necessary for your culinary needs.

It also comes in with bowls that will lets you chop large fruits and vegetables and even crush ice.

It has a 5-speed setting, two buttons detachable shaft with turbo


It also has double action blade and serrated blades for ice crushing, and anti-splash blade guard.

The package includes hand blender, 22 chopper attachments, whisker, beaker with lid and user manual.


Built by a reputable name in the industry, this hand blender from Philips certainly is of good quality and great


More than the great name of its manufacturer, here are some of the advantages you’d like about the Philips Essential Collection Hand Blender:

The Philips HR1372 hand blender does more than what you’d expect it to be.

It’s sturdy appliance that can perform more than simply blending. It can froth, chop, crush, make puree, among others.

What makes this a saleable product is its portability.

This 5-speed hand blender may be submerged in different pots or on the specific pots included in the package.

Unlike the usual blenders and other appliances, hand blenders are easy to clean and store.

The design is sleek and it comes with no extra parts.


Other than being expensive, this handheld blender from Philips also received its fair share of not so happy customers.

Some find its cutting containers to be a little bit bigger while others find it hard for them to clean the inside of the shaft.

All About the User Experience

Most of the buyers totally liked the product because it performs great. It pureed, blended and crushed


They also liked its packaging including all the accessories that come with it.

Its variable speeds make it easy for them to control on how they want the process to be done.

Although it’s pretty expensive, they say that the Philips Essential Collection Hand Blender sure is worth it.


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