Kitchenaid 5 Speed Hand Blender review

Immersion blenders abound the market today.

This is not surprising considering that whisking, whipping, pureeing, chopping and even blending are all too difficult tasks to perform in the kitchen.

Kitchenaid 5 speed blender


With this, it is important to choose the best handheld blender for your very important preparations in the kitchen.

And when it comes to handheld blenders, the all new Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender is one mighty competitor in the market today. 

Technical Specifications 

The all new Kitchenaid KHB2561CU 5 speed hand blender is relatively heavier than its competitors in the market at 8 pounds.

This is understandable since it houses a powerful motor inside. Unlike other handheld blenders, this product has a very long shaft at 8 inches which is perfect for deep bottomed containers.

This shaft is removable from the main body.

What makes this immersion blender stand out from the rest is its state of the art interchangeable bell blade assemblies.

It also has a set of interchangeable bell blade assemblies where each blade is individually designed for specific kitchen uses such as pureeing, blending, and even crushing ice.

 A unit of this product comes with a blending pitcher that can store up to 1 liter of any liquid and a 2 ½ cup of chopper attachment with lid.

Kitchenaid 5 speed blender with foodbuy-amazon

The blender is ideal for concocting smoothies and other drinks while the chopper attachment is best for chopping cheese, herbs, or even cooked meat.

These attachments are BPA-free. With all these and with the unique length of the shaft, a unit comes with a storage case for safekeeping.


The Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender has a lot of unique characteristics that other immersion blenders do not have.

Foremost is its 8-inch shaft which is excellent for voluminous food preparation.

It can easily reach deeper bottoms of containers without much hassle or risk of spillage.

And since it has a powerful motor, heavy load of blending, pureeing, whisking or even crushing spices and ice is not a problem.

Kitchenaid 5 speed blender heads


Worthy of commendation is its bell blades which affords the users different choices for various kitchen demands.

More, these blades are really efficient with the chopping attachment being capable of crushing ice.

It also comes with a soft grip handle to assure that the product will not slip from the user’s hands and that comfort while doing tasks in the kitchen is provided.

Since the attachments are BPA free, the users of the all new Kitchenaid KHB2561CU 5 speed hand blender are assured that their respective family’s health is not compromised.

They are likewise dishwasher safe, so cleaning the attachments is not an issue.

As to design, the unit also comes in different colors, namely, onyx black, contour silver and liquid graphite, beautifully designed to suit any user’s taste.


The Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender is relatively heavy.

Kitchenaid 5 speed blender accessories


This means one has to exert more strength in carrying this hand blender while using it.

Despite this, the unit’s portability is not sacrificed.

It also comes with more attachments, hence, there is more to keep than usual.

Although each attachment offers a unique function, some of these functions are performed by lesser number of attachments in other units.

Probably the biggest issue with this unit is not with its efficiency nor in the comfort it affords its users, but with its price.

This unit is relatively pricey as compared with other units in the market today 

All About the User Experience 

The users of Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender have been all praises for this unit.

From the design, ease of its use, attachments, efficiency, quality, and even the noise that it produces, majority of them believes that this product is worth every penny they spent for it.

Most of them are raving at the long shaft that this product has which makes it easier for them to make their homemade mayonnaise.

The Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender definitely fulfills it promise of being great in the kitchen.






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