Hamilton Beach 59765 review

The need to have the right tools in the kitchen cannot be overstated.

These tools can either help you in your food preparation or can be an added ingredient for a great kitchen disaster!



Aside from its efficiency and functionality, these tools must be easy to handle and pleasing to a busy bee’s eyes.

One of the toughest works in the kitchen is blending and pureeing.

They must be done carefully and at the most appropriate speed if one has to achieve and perfect specific meals.

The right speed is also necessary if one wants to preserve the taste and flavor of individual ingredients.

And when it comes to efficient handheld blenders with a touch of style, then the Hamilton Beach 59765 easily fits in the match. 



Technical Specifications

 The all new Hamilton Beach 59765 runs at 225 watts.

Its dimensions are 6.6 x 9.2 x 8.8 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds.

A unit includes different attachments for various kitchen demands.

These consist of a chopping attachment coupled with a chopping bowl, an attachment for whisking, whipping, blending and pureeing.

These attachments are all dishwasher friendly.

This product can whip, blend, puree or chop in two different speed levels.




The speed may be adjusted through its stylish touchpad.

This immersion blender also comes with a very comfortable grip to avoid spillage and loss of control.

It also comes in silver or black, affording its buyers a choice for design.


The all new Hamilton Beach 59765 operates at a relatively higher wattage as compared with other immersion blenders in the market today.

With this, its motor can do more powerful blending, whipping, whisking and chopping in comparison to those units that are operating at a lower wattage.



More, since the wattage is not too high or too low, this strikes a balance in consumption in electricity.

More, for those who are always on the go, one need not worry about assembling the unit as it is sold in one piece.

The attachments that come along with the unit are also dishwasher friendly.


While the Hamilton Beach 59765 has a capable motor, it cannot crush ice as compared to other handheld blenders out there.

Since its capability is limited, it is not ideal for commercial use. Nonetheless, it is most suitable for household use.



Its warranty only lasts up to one year from the time of purchase unlike other brands that offer a lifetime warranty.

More, not all parts are made of metal as some parts are made of plastic. The brand does not guarantee BPA free composition of those parts made up of plastic.

All About the User Experience

Most of the users are pleased with their use of the all new Hamilton Beach 59765.

Majority of them appreciate how easy it is for them to store and clean their respective units.

Others are raving about how able it is in pureeing soup.



They never imagined how chopping, whisking, whipping and blending could be very easy as counting one two three until they bought this unit and used it in their kitchen.

Indeed, if you want an entirely different kitchen experience, then you should try the Hamilton Beach 59765.

With this, you will never be left out in efficiency and style.



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