DeLonghi DHB718 review


Work in the kitchen can be as wearisome as work elsewhere.

Food preparation takes time and demands different skills in creating various meals and dishes.

From chopping, mincing, sautéing, or even in simple mixing of ingredients, all these take so much finesse and dexterity.

DeLonghi DHB718 set


Because of everything that is entailed in food preparation, one ought to use the best equipments and tools in order to attain extraordinary kitchen success.

One has to carefully select the right pan, the best oven, the longest shafts and what not in order to achieve a fulfilling job.

And when it comes to blenders, the all new DeLonghi DHB718 is one impressive competitor in the market today.

 Technical Specifications

 The all new DeLonghi DHB718 handheld blender runs at 380 watts.

It is relatively heavier than the other immersion blenders in the market at 5.8 pounds in weight.

Its dimensions are 2.7 x 2.7 x 15.7 inches which makes it easier to clean and keep.

It comes with different attachments for specific kitchen needs, namely for chopping, for whisking and for pureeing.



What is unique about this hand blender is its triple blade which is made of stainless steel.

These blades are both efficient and aesthetically classy.

A unit also has two speed buttons which allows the user to choose and control the speed of the blades while in use.


 Since the all new DeLonghi DHB718 runs at 380 watts, expect its motor to be relatively more powerful than the other handheld blenders that are running at 200 watts.

In fact, its motor is so powerful that it can mash a frozen fruit to make a smoothie and can easily puree a thick soup with.



As a consequence, you can whip, whisk, chop and puree your way to kitchen success with so much ease and facility.

It is also relatively easy to clean and keep considering that some of its parts are detachable and relatively light.

Its dimensions allow it to be stored without so much hassle as well.



While relatively heavier as compared to other products, the portability of the DeLonghi DHB718 is nonetheless never affected by it. 


Because of its wattage, the all new DeLonghi DHB718   consumes more electricity than the others and thus translates to higher electric bills.

More, not all its parts are dishwasher friendly. Some parts are very sensitive that you have to use the traditional running water to clean them up.

All About the User Experience

Majority of the users of the all new DeLonghi DHB718 have been generally satisfied with the solid performance it renders to them.



In fact, the popular attitude of the users toward the product has been very positive so much so that they bought extra units for themselves.

They love how it was easy for them to puree the most stubborn of soups and chop fruits and vegetables with little to no effort at all.

More, users have been raving about how easy it is for them to clean their units, even though some of its parts are not dishwasher friendly.

Though a unit is a bit costly, the all new DeLonghi DHB718 will surely not disappoint.

You will definitely enjoy value for your money’s worth.








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