Best Immersion Blenders

Having an immersion blender is like having three kitchen appliances in one as it performs as a hand mixer, a regular blender and a food processor.

What makes it a better choice among its consumers is that it is easy to use and they do multitude of things.

An immersion blender, unlike your regular blender will fully immerse liquid out of your solid food.

You can easily insert it into its liquid part and get your desired result. In addition, handheld blenders are great for whisking soups or sauces without straining a lot.

The industry of immersion blender saw a lot of manufacturers these days with each model offering something unique to consumers. Listed below are the best immersion blenders to help you decide should you wish to buy hand blenders:

All-Clad KZ750D

 Elegant looking, you cannot simply undermine the power of All-Clad KZ750D.

All clad KZ650D Immersion blender


In the mood for smoothies? Well, just simply grind your favourite frozen fruit until it comes to a consistency you prefer.

You can also puree soup, do some pancakes or mash potatoes. You can easily adjust the controls depending on how you want your foods to be done.

It’s durable, powerful and sturdy. Cleaning it is just easy as you only have to twist it so it detaches the blades.

Most consumers liked the product because of its beautiful design, great performance as it really blends, purees, grinds well, and long lasting.

Most of its consumers swear to have another one of this kind in their kitchen.

Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick

 This great blender does best in making purees and smoothies.

Cuisinart CSB-75 Immersion blender


However, you cannot expect it to be heavy duty.

Price wise, Cuisinart CSB -75 is a good one and performs well for its price. Most consumers use it mainly for making soups and smoothies.

This handheld blender is easy to use with only few buttons to operate.

Cleaning it is easy as well by simply removing the shaft and blade assembly. It’s cute and durable. It doesn’t require a lot of space for storage.

Hamilton Beach 59765  

One of the inexpensive blenders in the market today, the Hamilton Beach 59765 offers a lot of great features that includes stainless steel blending shaft, chopper and a whisk.



It can effortlessly puree a thick soup in just few minutes. It has high and low speeds control, and comes with an ergonomic grip to prevent slips.

Most consumers find its value as really of good reason why they prefer the product.

Also, the performance and built of the Hamilton Beach 59765 make it an ideal immersion blender for most buyers.

DeLonghi DHB718

 Good performance – this is what the DeLonghi DHB718 hand blender has to offer.

Although you might find it pricey, it still would be worth the price. It can puree a thick soup and crush frozen fruit to make a thick smoothie.

DeLonghi DHB718 set


Cleaning it won’t be hard as the blending shaft can easily be detached.

Most consumers liked the product because of its durability and being able to meet their expectations.

It’s a quality hand mixer and heavy duty. They say that they had been using the handheld blender in years and still works great.

Kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender

The 5-speed hand blender from Kitchenaid works under a DC motor.

Kitchenaid 5 speed blender


It’s been equipped with 8” removable arm and 3 interchangeable bell blades with each geared on specific tasks.

Priced for more than a hundred bucks, this hand blender is one of the best immersion blenders because of its new innovations.

It is easy and convenient to use, has lots of features to choose from. These and more are the good reasons why most consumers liked this product.

Kitchenaid proline hand blender

 Blending, whisking, shredding, chopping, frothing and pureeing is pretty easy with the Pro Line series from Kitchenaid.



It comes in with a rechargeable 12V Lithium-Ion battery, eight attachments for different functions and interchangeable Bell Blade assemblies.

Beautiful design, a great blender and worth for the money – these are the good words said about this product.

So, there’s probably no reason why Kitchenaid Proline is listed as one of the best immersion blenders.

Ovente HS585B

 Slim stick design, the Ovente HS585B fits right into mixing bowls, pots and other containers.

It has two blending speeds – Low and High that can just do everything for your blending needs.

Ovente HS585B Blender and tools


The design is ergonomic specifically intended for the user so it gives them with more control, easy to grip and non-sliding hand blender.

One of the cheapest hand blenders, the Ovente HS585B is a favourite among consumers because of its durability and great performance.

Panasonic MX-SS1

 This handheld blender from Panasonic is pretty and sleek.

It’s been equipped with a four-blade system that does the chopping, mixing, pureeing and crushing food easily.



It is powered by a 210-watt motor that allows you to do everything you want to for this immersion blender.

Reviewers lauded this product not only because of its undeniable modern design but also because of its ergonomic handling that lets users to securely and comfortably hold it.

It has durable stainless steel shaft the lets you work on containers, pitchers, pots and deep bowls.

Philips Essential Collection Hand Blender

 A great buy as what most reviews would say, the Philips Essential Collection hand blender does well in processing food.



To most users, they like its good performance when it comes to pureeing and blending. It doesn’t sound off as well so it’s a sure thing that you’ll be working with this quietly.

Other features most users liked about this product are its various speeds, the added accessories, its ergo design, lightweight and lots of things it can do.

Vremi Slim Hand Blender with Bottle 

With the chic user in mind, Vremi ensures that their consumers will not only enjoy the result of its handheld blender but also have fun while doing so.



It comes with a free bottle wherein users will place the food or other substance they want to process.

Its design is pretty sturdy and well-constructed.

Most buyers especially liked its colourful and artful appearance as well as the accessories added in the package.

It comes in with lots of blades as well. It has 8 different speeds so users get a lot of option for their whipping needs.

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